Hello my dear students,
This wiki was created to help you improve your writing skills.
In this introductory page you will find information about how we are going to work together in this new digital medium. Any of you can pick up the chance and embark in this exciting and challenging project of advertising our region (Mures), our town (Targu Mures), Romanian tourism and traditions, Romanian food as well as any other aspect you are familiar with and about which you have something to tell the whole world.

You can either create your own blog or choose to work in a team on this wiki. The following steps are essential in both cases, so please read carefully the instructions below.



1. Your blog should include:
a) at least 5 posts
b) teachers', colleagues', friends', parents' comments - therefore, invite them to see your blog
c) your answer to at least 1 subject we have discussed in class.
Selected subjects from the writing course:
a. Tourism in Romania. My own point of view
b. My motto in life.
c. The side of my town tourists never see
d. How can you spend time in a pleasant way but with little money in the town and area?
e. The new face of local job advertising. Case study
f. Effective presentations.


2. Next stage: Go to the Talkgroup thread "Reflections on My First Blog" opened on VoxOpop at: http://www.voxopop.com/topic/51bd74ec-87ef-4db2-a8df-6cef2a23903c
In order to record your reflections, you have to sign up.

Record your opinions by answering the following questions:
1. Is this your first blog? How long have you worked on it? What difficulties did you encounter? Do you feel it is quite easy to establish your own blog site?
2. How do you feel about having a blog? going public, i.e. everyone being able to see, share, and comment on your ideas?
3. Describe: the main topic of your blog, the subject/s you have posted.
4. Have you invited friends, colleagues, parents, teachers to post comments?
5. Do you think this is a good tool to share ideas?
6. When you wrote a post on the blog did you look up an English dictionary or ask someone else when you didn't know hot to express a word or an idea?
7. Do you think it has helped you to improve your English? How?
In the end ask your colleague/s whose blog you have visited a question about his/her blog. Answer any questions you may be asked.

IMPORTANT! When picking up a topic for your personal blog and posting comments or challenges, please try to avoid:
1. sensitive issues: religion, politics, race.
2. using the information that cannot be made public; always quote the sources in order to avoid copyright issues!

You should know that whenever someone posts on this wiki or records a message on our Talkgroup, I receive an automatic message announcing me about this. Therefore, you do not have to contact me yourselves.
However, do not forget that I am always eager to answer any question you might have regarding this project at the e-mail address provided in class.

Life After Death by PowerPoint
This wiki was created to help IInd year students in Economic studies improve their writing skills.
Author: Anisoara Pop
You can either choose one of the topics listed on the left and work with 1 or 2 colleagues on it, or pick up your own subject.

Using blogs to teach writing

Romania's touristic hymn. Pick up one of the touristic objectives mentioned and advertise it.

Imnul turistic al Romaniei - Romania, the land of choice
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